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Need 2016 Q1 Consulting?


As Q1 2016 comes to a close in a few weeks, is your small or mid-sized business on track to achieve or exceed your strategic goals? Are there particular metrics that don’t measure up?

Are you driving revenues as expected with decent margins? Are you gaining profitable customers? Is cost control your only salvation to date? Are any new initiatives working?

Do you have links to your subsidiary functional plans that align so that your entire business is hitting on all cylinders? Is your communication process good at getting specific expectations to those colleagues that need to perform? Does everyone have “walking around” understanding of goals and objectives? Do they “buy-in”? In our experience, many planning processes are either too “elegant”, cumbersome or non-specific. Plans can fail if they don’t lead employees to the correct behavior every day.

Planning Maxim

“Doing the right thing is more important than doing things right”.

An independent consulting check-up can help determine if your internal planning, budget and operational reviews have identified material issues and any corrective actions that may be required. It may also uncover other factors that may be missed or are considered off-limits or sacrosanct.

Now may be the time for a fresh set of eyes. All too often, owners and managers are great cheerleaders for their business (as expected) at the expense of simultaneously being vigilant and fierce critics. It’s important to identify and mitigate any competitive weaknesses before your competitors or customers do.

As fabled GE CEO Jack Welch reportedly once said “change before you have to”.

The end result of a consulting evaluation may assure your company’s ongoing high performance results. Western Equity will consider consultative, interim, temporary, or part time senior engagements. Please contact us regarding your requirements.

The 4th Quarter Is When You Can Win This Year’s Business Game

Labor Day’s just passed and the the 4th quarter for 2013, like this year’s football season, is upon us. Has your YTD competitve standing improved, declined, or stayed the same? Are you hitting your business plan targets? It’s fairly easy to assess: have your number of customers and sales revenues held steady or increased? Are you driving toward a bottom-line win? If your business results are up, stay the course. Do your fine tuning where it’s needed, but your focus should mainly be on executing those key strategies that are already working and will have the biggest impact on full year results.

If results don’t measure up, carefully, but quickly, determine why and where you need improvement. What can you realistically do better or different. The good news is the traditionally robust 4th quarter is when business activity is greatest for most every industry. So you have the opportunity to get back to your goals if you make the appropriate operating corrections and can drive more business to your door. Presumably, your central strategies are still in order and you largely need tactical adjustments. Now is not the time to be defensive about how you’re right and the market is wrong. It’s great to be your company’s biggest cheerleader, but you will benefit more by being your toughest critic. As former Oakland Raider football coach and owner Al Davis famously said “Just win, baby!”. You have the time you need to make 2013 a winning year by having a strong 4th quarter playbook.