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Retailers Taking a Page From ECommerce Playbook?

Not content to see traditional brick and mortar sales share continue to erode to a plethora of on-line competitors, there are a number of retailers that have begun initiatives to add an ecomm feel to their store locations. While largely still in the early stages, these retailers are looking for tech partners that can assist in extending the in-store utility and information access that web shoppers crave.

By providing digital content on in-store devices, they hope to mimic the data search accessibility and sales tools that shoppers use to make buying decisions. This new tech-oriented marketing approach is seen as an extension of their existing web presence and reflects the buying preferences of a lot of today’s shoppers. While not entirely removed from the old retail store design adage of announce, amplify, and explain, it adds a dimension that may also impact the role of sales people in a more self-service environment.

It remains to be seen whether an ecomm component can restore some of the lost store traffic and buying excitement of a traditional retail shopping event for those that are inclined to surf the web and hit the shopping cart button. Retailers are closely watching to see if this strategy will help restore brand loyalty and boost in-store ROI’s.