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Business advertisers are reporting growing disenchantment with declining online marketing results. One heretofore standard metric of page views is proving to be a less and less reliable predictor of marketing success. At the heart of it all is the growing difficulty in getting an ad message out to the desired demographic at a time when million of websites compete for that same viewer. In a recent USA Today article, columnist Roger Yu cited the following statistics relative to web-related advertising: 55% of media site clicks get less than 15 seconds of attention; 56% of all website ads are not seen at all; 24% of viewers scroll down for ads compared to 71% seeking article content; and 1/10 of 1% of banner ads are actually clicked. In response to this disturbing trend, web publishers are focusing on longer, more compelling story content, simplified web page design that highlights key items, and creating more embeds of videos, links, quizzes, and photo galleries. Pages are also more frequently “never ending” scrolls to keep readers engaged without going to a new tab or page. Google recently opined that 56% of ads are not viewed because either readers are not scrolling far enough or the ad is are too far down on a page.

Is your business experiencing declining response results from your reported page views and click-through rates? If so, it warrants reexamining your marketing strategy with your advertising and website resources. Most small businesses are finding that while they engage in plenty of “chatter”, that activity is not so readily translating into actionable business results. And that’s what advertising is all about.

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