Mobile Advertising Soars Says Facebook Head

mobile advertising

Mobile advertising, whether smartphone or tablet, continues to dominate how businesses spend their marketing dollars. The first transition away from traditional TV, radio, and print advertising delivery toward more online promotions has already occurred. This second shift in ad dollar spends is to capture more clients and views by way of mobile content.

At their recent F8 developer conference, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg reiterated the importance of mobile to the social networking giant. He indicated that 1 billlion of their 1.28 billion users access Facebook via mobile. Mobile advertising is the single largest contributor to their revenues, he noted. As a result, Facebook is also premiering its own mobile ad network. Similarly, other social media favorites such as Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn have their own mobile outreach strategies  well underway.

The takeaway for your business is to have your web presence centered on mobile-friendly usability. Your company message and promotions need to be there as viewers move through their days at a typically frantic pace. It no longer is sufficient to have  a perfect website that is viewed at a leisurely pace. You need to make things happen, right now, on that fleeting visit you get by your mobile viewers.



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