Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) Digital Wallet

Major retailers including Wal Mart and Target have formed a sizable retailer alliance championing a new initiative named Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) Digital Wallet. Described as a mobile commerce platform, the MCX application is intended to work with any smartphone. With the digital wallet concept, consumers store all of their card data on the application. This negates the need to carry around a stack of credit and debit cards. At purchase, the user selects the appropriate MCX digitized card they wish to use.

MCX developers like to describe this as a “game changing” universal processing platform because it is designed by retailers for retailers. They cite a better consumer processing experience and an overall lower processing cost as significant enhancements. Their goals also include integrating this payment app with a wide range of POS systems and being able to add loyalty program and coupon functionality.

MCX takes direct aim at other mobile processing options like those offered by Google Wallet, PayPal, and Square. It remains to be seen if there is room in the mobile processing space for everyone, or if winners or alliances begin to appear, particularly as smaller retailers become involved. For more information, you can go to

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