Mobile and Online Mapping Helps Small Retailers Make the Sale!

As an added means of attracting customers away from big box stores and ecommerce sites, local retailers are using online mapping technology from providers such as Nokia and Google according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. By uploading their store data to a mapping app, local retailers begin to show up in web searches with the neccesary street routing, specific location, and physical floorplan interior layout details. Other apps like aisle411 or Retailigence enable a store to upload inventory data so online and mobile shoppers can see if a particular item is in stock or matches an item on their shopping list.

This aggressive marketing and customer service strategy helps local retailers remove impediments to myriad shopping alternatives that exist for any particular buyer, product, or service. By anticipating and answering potential buyer questions and queries, a local business owner stands a better chance of gaining both a sale and a new customer. Executed aggressively, a comprehensive online and mobile outreach plan can be a great equalizer for any small business.



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