Websites 102 – Heavy Traffic Ahead!

So, how’s your website doing? Social media and SEO efforts building momentum? Site traffic up? Ecommerce sales increasing? Probably not, if you’ve not optimized your website for the explosion in handheld devices: smartphones, tablets, Kindles, and the like. Virtually everyone has a smartphone or similar device with them for instant internet access. And the device numbers are increasing at a dizzyingly frenetic pace.

Google estimates that more than 75% of smartphone users research local businesses on that device before they buy. And then they act in a hurry! Yet it’s estimated that less than a quarter of all websites are optimized for mobile access. Can you shout OPPORTUNITY!

Want to stay ahead of your competitors and pick up some new customers? Make your site mobile device-friendly. Do it now. At Western Equity LLC all of our future web initiatives will emphasize mobile device access to max out their visibility and potential for success.

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