Is Your Business Primed for 2013 Success?

As someone once said: “Will all of those that say it can’t be done, please get out of the way of those of us that are doing it.” Starting a new year is traditionally an opportune time to make needed strategic and tactical improvements. Did you meet or exceed your business goals in the last calendar or fiscal year?

The real test of business health is sales and revenue growth. It’s why businesses are started. Growth demonstrates market and competitive effectiveness. No matter how a business delivers goods or services, owners must analyze, evaluate, plan, and adapt as needed in order to maintain positive sales momentum. Should traditional markets erode, find others. If better competitor product or service alternatives exist, then tough decisions are required. Consumers and B2B’ers are buying every day, which means someone’s business is successfully selling. For all the gloom and doom out there, new entrepreneurs and savvy in-place business adapters find a way to sell and excel. It might as well be you!

So get your company story told, embrace your customers and prospects, and stay slightly paranoid, but always on the offensive. Too many businesses have tried to save their way to continued existence. Such cutbacks invariably end, typically with unintended sales and customer impact. It’s just not realistic to expect to “save” your way to high performance.

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