Western Equity LLC – About Us

Western Equity is the managing entity for subsidiaries that concentrate on retail or wholesale sales, business consulting services and client representations. Western Equity is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Our Objective:

To establish or acquire value-oriented business entities and then actively manage them. We seek niche, private or specialized opportunities that do not fit the profile or appetite of large scale management firms. Our interests may include pre-venture, start-up, or established companies. Equity and financing options will be evaluated that appropriately build, balance or further accomplish other strategic business objectives. In some instances, we may consider interesting business and financial management or consulting service arrangements.

We are committed to assuring the highest integrity in our business conduct. This means emphasizing our management and fiduciary responsibilities to those with whom we do business. The success of Western Equity is wholly dependent upon the leadership, ethical conduct and management contribution demonstrated in the businesses it owns, operates, manages or represents.

Mission Statement:

Develop and acquire a synergistic portfolio of financially viable entities that provide valued goods and services to markets it operates in while continually building upon the company’s economic reach and influence. Selectively provide interim or contract management and advisory services.

Company Management:

Western Equity is principally owned and managed by Richard Spears. Mr. Spears has over three decades of C-level executive and senior manager financial services business experience including president, CEO, COO, CFO and board of director assignments.

Mr. Spears has led billion dollar organizations and managed thousands of employees in hundreds of locations. He has been responsible for building high-performing companies and establishing successful lending and sales teams.

His background includes several related ventures including co-founding a consulting business. He has been recognized for his community and civic organization contributions. Originally from the Midwest, Mr. Spears is now based in Scottsdale, AZ.

Innovative Business Management

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